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IcicleCalla - Comfort
:bulletgreen: Callakit CrescentRose3716
:bulletblue: Iciclekit Kuro-Uta
:bulletgreen: Callakit rushed away from the group and dug out a hole under one of the trees in camp and huffed as she curled up inside. It was probably big enough for another kit but it'd be a bit of a squeeze. Callakit didn't really care since she wasn't expecting another kit to join her anyways so there was no point in making it bigger. She gave a soft sniffle as she buried her face in her paws, feeling hot tears sting her eyes.
:bulletblue: Iciclekit blinked as he quietly poked his head out of the nursery. He looked around and nodded when he didn't see anyone. He picked up Callakit's scent and quietly followed it. He blinked before he found her spot. He squeezed in, trying not to step on her before he curled his tail around her side. "It'll be alright" he mewed lightly.
:bulletgreen: She jerked her head up and looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Wh-What are you doing here!?" She rasped out with a faint
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1
MothBone - Rumors
:bulletwhite: Mothgaze CrescentRose3716
:bulletblack: Bonedusk Llihxoa
:bulletblack: The black tom's teal eyes still glowed in pride that was shadowed by fear. His warrior name Bonedusk was perfect. He enjoyed how the opposite of dawn is dusk and to Dawnpetal he was the opposite of her. Though the shadow of fear was caused by Shadow and him wanting to leave the clan. The tom trotted into the medicine cat's den with some herbs in his mouth for the healers and medicine cat. The tom looked around to try and find someone to give these to.
:bulletwhite: A young healer perked his ears as he padded in the medicine den after checking in on the nursery. "Hm...?" He hummed softly as he blinked his blind eyes at the familiar scent. "Bonedusk...? What are you doing in here?" He asked before he gave a small smile. "Ah... No matter... It's nice of you to visit..." He meowed as he padded over to the dark-furred tom. "I do appreciate the company even if I'm not the reason you came here..." H
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1
~Let the Sun Shine~ by CrescentRose3716 ~Let the Sun Shine~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 5 3
StormPigeon - Sunsets
Bullet; Green Stormpaw CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Blue Pigeonpaw milkplants
Bullet; Green Stormpaw padded around the mountain range as he was originally taking a run around the territory. His pelt was becoming a bit shorter with his muscular form while his tail was still very fluffy. He gave a small smile as he lifted his leafy green eyes to the sky. It was almost sunset. Everyone said that the best view to watch the sunset was in the shallows. His favorite spot to watch the sunset was actually at Moonfall. It was the perfect spot to watch the sunset. Maybe he'd bring someone here so he could enjoy the sunset with another cat.
Bullet; Blue Pigeonpaw’s head was held level as she bounded up the rocky path. Her shell-pink feathery-fur shone with the rosy light from the changing light. She hissed as her paw hit a rather jagged rock, she mus
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 1
IcicleCalla Hypos by CrescentRose3716 IcicleCalla Hypos :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 1 Whoops by CrescentRose3716 Whoops :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 5 1 Duck's Innocence by CrescentRose3716 Duck's Innocence :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 4 1
Finding Puddles in a Storm
“I know this world seems so big and everything seems so out of reach. The sky is high and the walk is wide, you just don’t know what you’ve got yet. It’s in the palm of your hands, it’s right in front of you where you stand...”
I woke up as it was just another normal day for me. I shook out my brown tabby fur and looked around the apprentice den with my bright green eyes. I gave a soft sigh as I remembered in recent moons that I gained and lost denmates as one of those denmates I lost was my half-sister, Dawnpaw... well... she’s Dawnpetal now and she’s with those... toms. I gave a sigh as I knew I could never stop my sister from falling in love. It was bound to happen someday. I honestly wasn’t worried about it as I had different problems on my mind. I found out that Ashpaw got his warrior assessment and there was rumor going around that Pigeonpaw would be getting hers soon as well. My heart was heavy with the idea that my tw
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 1 1
SleetAspen - No Help Needed
Bullet; Blue Sleetkit CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Orange Aspenkit @/xXWolves20Xx
Bullet; Blue A grey-scaled tom was relaxing in the shade of a tree as his ears twitched lightly, laying down with his tail twitching faintly. By now, most of the clan probably noticed that he got in trouble for trying to explore the territory without letting anyone know. As a result, his brother, Dewkit, would become an apprentice soon as his brother has already made that painfully obvious by shouting about it to him. His ears flattened against his head as his blue-green eyes narrowed.
Bullet; Orange Aspenkit continued to practice her stalking skills. She was slowly getting better at pouncing on her target. Rolling onto her back she batted the leaf with her hind paws. She growled playfully, "Grrr, I got you!" With a triumphant meow she stood up with her chest puffed out
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 0 1
Facts Game
:star: Snowstar ~ NPC [roleplayed by CrescentRose3716]
:bulletorange: Aspenkit xXWolves20Xx
:bulletgreen: Callakit CrescentRose3716
:bulletred: Chervilkit Rainbow--Falls
:bulletyellow: Cypresskit DrowsyInsomnia
:bulletblue: Iciclekit Kuro-Uta
:bulletwhite: Lilykit Rainbow--Falls
:bulletpurple: Sleepykit Buff-Spud
:bulletblack: Sleetkit CrescentRose3716
:bulletpink: Whisperkit Daisynner
[Bullet; Green] The ginger-spotted she-kit padded out of the nursery with a yawn. "So... BORED!" She huffed as her ears flicked back a bit. "Ugh... Just... really really boring now..." She groaned as she flopped over on her side, rolling over to her back as she showed off her paler ginger stomach. Her bright green eyes closed irritably. Wasn't there anything to do today?
[Bullet; Black] A grey-scaled tom was relaxing in the shade of a tree as his ears twitched lightly. By now, most of the clan probably noticed that he got in trouble for trying to explore the
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 1
Cold Lilies Meet
:bulletblue: Iciclekit Kuro-Uta
:bulletorange: Callakit CrescentRose3716
:bulletblue: A small tom slowly padded out of the nursery. He let out a small yawn and tilted his head. "Whoa..." he breathed out as his gaze wandered around the camp. There was so much to see and explore. He smiled and nodded. "Right.. better get started." He mewed.
:bulletorange: A ginger tailless spotted she-cat with vivid green eyes sat just outside the medicine den. She didn't want to be in the way so she settled for sitting outside while the healers were taking care of their daily tasks. She twitched her ears faintly as she hummed softly to herself, waiting patiently outside so she could go back to sleeping in the nest she shared with Tadpoleleap. She glanced as she spotted one of the new kits that has been talked about a lot. "Such a strange looking cat with a multicolored pelt..." She mewed softly to herself as she shook her head lightly.
:bulletblue: Iciclekit blinked when he noticed the she-kit
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1
How To Save A Life by CrescentRose3716 How To Save A Life :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 6 3 How To Save A Life Rough Sketch by CrescentRose3716 How To Save A Life Rough Sketch :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 1 1 StormPigeon ~ Sunset by CrescentRose3716 StormPigeon ~ Sunset :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1 Lots of Juniperclan HypoKits by CrescentRose3716 Lots of Juniperclan HypoKits :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 7 1
MothPigeon - Petunias
:bulletwhite: Mothpaw CrescentRose3716
:bulletred: Pigeonpaw milkplants
:bulletwhite: Mothpaw padded around the camp, looking for a particular cat he hasn't seen in a while. He felt bad that he hasn't gotten the chance to talk with her, maybe he could find her wandering around camp. Maybe he could probably take her out so they can catch up. He could also take her to that special spot he found. He was sure that she'd like it a lot since he happened to find it while gathering herbs with Poppyheart one day. Him and Poppyheart agreed to keep it secret so none of the clanmates would run through it and possibly ruin the area with how many cats would visit. Well... that was the only reason they could come up with to keep it a secret but Poppyheart already took Sedgeclaw to see it, maybe he could take her to see it too since they were pretty close friends already.
:bulletred: Pigeonpaw bursted abruptly through the camp’s entrance. Her fur was sticking up in the usual all direct
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 0 1
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~Relax before I start my full time job (start date is currently unknown)


TMV | Ivynose Sibing tryouts by Daisynner TMV | Ivynose Sibing tryouts :icondaisynner:Daisynner 15 5
Trouble in the Medicine Cat Den [Juniper]
:bulletgreen:A decent sized solid black tom slithered out of the apprentice's den, swinging his large heard around to give the camp a good look. "Ugh... This place... I hate it. I can't wait to leave," he muttered under his breath as Shadow he started to give himself a good clean. The tom was starting to grow larger in size since he was now starting to get older and closer to the age of becoming a warrior. Shadow turned his head and it landed on the Healer's den. "I've heard that a stupid she-cat has been talking to my brother. Maybe thanks to her, that's why this Bone hasn't been talking to me recently," Shadow mewed as she slowly padded over to the den, ears flat against his head.
:bulletblue:Mothgaze perked his ears as he heard someone come in and recognized the scent somewhat, but it seemed a bit off. "Bonedusk, what do you need now, or did you make up another excuse to come see me again...?" He joked lightly with a small smile as he turned around to face the d
:iconcatfoxlover:CatFoxLover 3 2
Shadekit || JuniperClan || Tryout by Buff-Spud Shadekit || JuniperClan || Tryout :iconbuff-spud:Buff-Spud 13 4 Juniper | Bluekit | Male | Kit by Daisynner Juniper | Bluekit | Male | Kit :icondaisynner:Daisynner 13 4 JC- Lilackit by TheEmptyGravestone JC- Lilackit :icontheemptygravestone:TheEmptyGravestone 5 4 Juniperclan - Blackkit by Llihxoa Juniperclan - Blackkit :iconllihxoa:Llihxoa 10 4 Howl and Sophie by IrenHorrors Howl and Sophie :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 3,251 68 Surprise Kiss - Layered by Sapphfyr Surprise Kiss - Layered :iconsapphfyr:Sapphfyr 177 55 Free Ducking Lineart by GoldenDragonART Free Ducking Lineart :icongoldendragonart:GoldenDragonART 110 14 Juniper | Hypo-designs by Daisynner Juniper | Hypo-designs :icondaisynner:Daisynner 10 2 [Bluff] Lost and Found by Rainbow--Falls [Bluff] Lost and Found :iconrainbow--falls:Rainbow--Falls 9 3 Juniper Hypos by Rainbow--Falls Juniper Hypos :iconrainbow--falls:Rainbow--Falls 8 13
:bulletorange:A ginger tailless spotted she-cat with vivid green eyes sat just outside the medicine den. She didn't want to be in the way, so she settled for sitting outside while the healers were taking care of their daily tasks. She twitched her ears faintly as she hummed softly to herself, waiting patiently outside so she could go back to sleeping in the nest she shared with Tadpoleleap.
:bulletblack:A solid black tom was coming out of the Apprentice's Den with a heavy sigh. Shadow was bored out of his mind and he saw that his twin brother wasn't out, and it seemed that he was busy. So, Shadow padded over to the fresh-kill pile to pick out something small to munch on.
:bulletorange:Her green eyes caught sight of the apprentice before she trotted over to him. "Hey, aren’t you... uh... Headpaw... or something like that...?" She hummed as she tilted her head as she watched him, already knowing she got his name wrong but Callakit honestly could care less.
:bulletblack:The s
:iconcatfoxlover:CatFoxLover 3 3
Cave | Geckokit | Female | Kitten by Daisynner Cave | Geckokit | Female | Kitten :icondaisynner:Daisynner 11 1 CC Kindlekit by PricelessGuru CC Kindlekit :iconpricelessguru:PricelessGuru 3 1 ADOPT PWYW by Cafe-Crazed-NekoChan ADOPT PWYW :iconcafe-crazed-nekochan:Cafe-Crazed-NekoChan 9 0


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Relationship Status: "I'm engaged to Kuro-Uta"

What do I do for a living?: "I'm planning a wedding that'll happen on May 8th, 2019. I also roleplay, write short stories, and sometimes draw as a hobby."

My characters :heart:

Fuzzyleaf (ship: Cloud [with Stormtail])
My Lady by InfamyCry
Art by InfamyCry
Juniperdove (mate: Silverwillow - SilverJuniper)
Moonkit (ship: Too Young)

Sunstone (mate: Mistflower - Morning)
Timber | The curly family by Daisynner
Thumb by Daisynner
Lionsong (ship: Wild Cats [with Tigermoon])
otp chibi by rnousey
Art by rnousey
Mosscreek (ship: Snowy Moss [with Snowdaisy])
Timber | Wait wut by Daisynner
Art by Daisynner
Shrewpoppy (ship: {low key} Prey [with Squirrelflame])
Pumapaw (ship: NEVAH!)
Crescentpaw (ship: HAH! You're funny!)

Shellmask (ship: Er... I honestly don't have one... XD)
Nettlepaw (ship: You're joking, right?)
Doekit (ship: Too Young For This!)

Jasmineivy (dating: SilverJasmine [with Silverspark])
Mothgaze (dating: Flowers [with Dawnpetal & Bonedusk])
Stormspirit (ship: Uh... What's that?)
Callapaw (ship: Cold Lilies [with Iciclepaw])
Sleetpaw (ship: What's this...?)
Goldenkit (ship: Not yet...)
Morningkit (ship: *shrug*)

Sootkit (ship: EW GROSS!)


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