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SilverJasmine RP - Sparkling Beauty
:bulletblue: Jasminepaw CrescentRose3716
:bulletyellow: Silverpaw Llihxoa
:bulletblue: A young tortoiseshell she-cat with cream padded around the camp, looking at her paws in disappointment. None of her friends became apprentices with her so she felt rather lonely to be honest. She didn't want to ever admit it otherwise Jackdawkit would bother her about it and maybe tease her too. She gave a soft huff but she couldn't help it. Smokekit and Duck-kit... they looked happy but... she could see how they looked at her that they weren't entirely thrilled either. The same with her brother, Nettlekit. Oh, it was obvious that being the sister and ranking up to an apprentice without your brother would obviously upset him. She felt terrible since she had unintentionally isolated her friends from herself. What kind of friend was she? Her pale blue eyes watered as she just watched her paws become blurry in her vision.
:bulletyellow: "Hey! Are you ok?" Silverpaw called trotted ove
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1
Mothkit ~ Streams of Clouds ~ by CrescentRose3716 Mothkit ~ Streams of Clouds ~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 7 3 Sootkit ~Strides of the Flames~ by CrescentRose3716 Sootkit ~Strides of the Flames~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 6 3 Caveclan NPC Set 3 by CrescentRose3716 Caveclan NPC Set 3 :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 0
VinePuma - Snow Isn't Great
:bulletyellow: CrescentRose3716 Pumakit
:bulletblue: Giieko Vinekit
:bulletyellow: A dark grey tabby striped she-cat blinked as she sat at the entrance of the nursery, wrinkling her nose as she glared at the white stuff that covered the ground. Her sibling, Servalkit, was loving this stuff while she... she tended to avoid it. There was definitely nothing fun about it if it was cold and got your fur wet in the end. At least from her point of view, she was glad to be a kit so she didn't have to go out in this cold weather. Yuck!
:bulletblue: Like many other kits, Vinekit wasn't sure what to think of this strange, powdery stuff blanketing the entire camp. The ginger tabby couldn't help but be wildly curious, though, as he scampered up to nurseries' entrance and pawed at the strange substance. Soon enough, though, he was giggling as he dug and rolled in the stuff- it was pretty fun despite how cold & wet it was.
:bulletyellow: Pumakit blinked as she noticed another kit scampe
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 1 1
StagFeather Kit Tryouts by CrescentRose3716 StagFeather Kit Tryouts :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 5 4 Caveclan NPC Set 2 by CrescentRose3716 Caveclan NPC Set 2 :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 5 0 Caveclan NPC Set 1 by CrescentRose3716 Caveclan NPC Set 1 :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 0 Caveclan Reference Sheet by CrescentRose3716 Caveclan Reference Sheet :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 0 Caveclan Group Icon by CrescentRose3716 Caveclan Group Icon :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 0 0 Work Is For Cats Who Don't Fish by CrescentRose3716 Work Is For Cats Who Don't Fish :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 9 1 Nettlepaw ~ It's My Life ~ by CrescentRose3716 Nettlepaw ~ It's My Life ~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 5 4
Secret Friends
Bullet; Yellow Crescentkit CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Green Wrenkit eternal-mysteries
Bullet; Yellow A lightly colored charcoal point Bengal tom padded out of the nursery as he wrinkled his nose. It was beginning to get too crowded in the nursery with all the kits and the queens having kits as well. Ugh... none of them seemed to live up to his standards anyways as they aren't as pure blooded as he was. Why did he even decide to come out here anyways? Oh right, it was to get away from all of those kits that were all buddy buddy with each other. The whole thing made him cringe with disgust at the ideal of being friends with these cats. None of them even seemed worthy of his friendship.
Bullet; Green A small and messy-furred pale brown she-cat slipped out of the nursery unnoticed for some time away from her siblings. She sighed and glanced around th
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 5 2
I'd Rather Be With You by CrescentRose3716 I'd Rather Be With You :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 0
Snow Much Fun
Bullet; Green Doekit CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Blue Thistlekit Snow-Silver
Bullet; Green A grey she-kit padded around as her gaze seemed wary. She lost track of her brother Stagkit and felt very cautious right now without the comfort of her brother. Where was Stagkit? They shouldn't be separated cause their parents might come for them still, right? Mom and dad were coming, weren't they?
Bullet; Blue Thistlekit had been sitting on a rock, investigating the environment, when he noticed a gray she-kit seemingly searching for something. At first he tried to ignore her, but the sight really disturbed his relaxing time just looking around. With a sigh, the cream-colored kit jumped down from his rock and padded in front of the other kit, facing her directly. "What in StarClan's name are you searching for?", he asked in a cold tone.
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 2
A Camellia Finding a Shell on the Beach
Bullet; Green Camelliapetal Limeyde
Bullet; Blue Shellmask CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Green Camelliapetal traveled along the beach, picking up shells as he went along. Though he was happy that he had most of his family and Raintoes and Scorchface was with him. But he was still troubled, his tail dragged along the sand. After a while he went to the place where he had a collection of shells. When he helped Socks and her kittens. He had this thought, maybe Shell would hurt a lot less if he showed that he still cared in somewhere or maybe he was just doing this to making himself feel better. He couldn't really tell. He dropped them on the pile as he sat down by them.
Bullet; Blue A fluffy pale pelt moved along, a long scar displayed over her darker shoulders and back while a small scar was displayed on her nose. Her pale blue eyes looked tired an
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 1 2
Stuff to Do:
~Relax before I start my full time job (start date is currently unknown)


Eagle doodles by Rainbow--Falls Eagle doodles :iconrainbow--falls:Rainbow--Falls 4 3 Dawn doodles by Rainbow--Falls Dawn doodles :iconrainbow--falls:Rainbow--Falls 4 5 Generated Adopts ( open ) by Genocide--Hyena Generated Adopts ( open ) :icongenocide--hyena:Genocide--Hyena 9 17
Aspenroots Tryouts - OPEN
Thornriver has a very large family, as well as a few non familial relationships. Try to keep them accurate to Thornriver's history, but feel free to elaborate! You also don't need to strictly stick to the personality traits I've given, go nuts! Also, if you see a cat with a gender description such as (female?) that is simply the suggested gender, and feel free to change it.
Thornriver's Fam


Thornriver's father and Orchidleaf's mate
  A black, battle scarred tailless tom with pale turquoise eyes.
Bold, Braggart, Selfless
    Vole- His mother's favorite prey
    -whisker His long whiskers
Extra info: He's half kittypet (manx), which is why he lacks a tail.
His markings aren't entirely accurate, so refer to Thor
:icondrowsyinsomnia:DrowsyInsomnia 4 5
LeafClan by Shiningstarofwinter LeafClan :iconshiningstarofwinter:Shiningstarofwinter 3 0
Character facts
1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character(s)
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4)
4. Post their avatars and write their character’s name next to them
5. Tag me back so I can do another of my kids.

1. Snowdaisy’s cheeks were me messing about when sketching and decided to keep them >.< 
2. Snowdaisy’s warrior name is dedicated to one of my first roleplay characters whom was also based on my rl kitty Daisy
3. I was watching game of thrones as I was creating him, so in a way he was named after Jon Snow
4. He’s a awkward bean 
5. Snowkit was first based of a Birman 
6. Snowdaisy loves kittens and has a tendency to nickname them otters. 
7. Snowkit was oringinally going to have blue eyes.. but I forgot and started doing yellow because I’m a highly distracted fellow and realised after doing one. So did the other blue and was go
:icondaisynner:Daisynner 2 0
Got tagged cx
1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character(s)
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4)
4. Post their avatars and write their character’s name next to them
5. Tag me back so I can do another of my kids 

1. Duck-kit is a really shy bean 
2. Duck-kit loves being complemented on her pelt no matter how shy she may be
3. Duck-kit was my first character for Juniperclan
4. Duck-kit is also my second character for DA group rps 
5. I am still uncertain on what I would like her warrior name to be
6. If I had to give her a different name, it would have been Ferretkit
7. I love Torties so I had to tryout for her 
8. I was set on how I wanted her personality to be
1. CrescentRose3716 (Tag back) ~ Sunstone
2. DewySheep ~ Smokekit
3. Daisynner ~ Whitepaw
4. Heart-Anonimous ~ Spotpaw
5. CatFoxLover ~ Crowpaw
6. Limeyde ~ Willowkit
7. :devw
:iconkuro699:Kuro699 2 0
Juniper | Valentines Meme by Daisynner Juniper | Valentines Meme :icondaisynner:Daisynner 4 0 Juniper | Kiss meme by Daisynner Juniper | Kiss meme :icondaisynner:Daisynner 4 0 Briarkit Tryout - CaveClan by DrowsyInsomnia Briarkit Tryout - CaveClan :icondrowsyinsomnia:DrowsyInsomnia 6 1 Fuzzykit by Kuro699 Fuzzykit :iconkuro699:Kuro699 3 0 Petalkit [Cave/Tryout] by CatFoxLover Petalkit [Cave/Tryout] :iconcatfoxlover:CatFoxLover 1 0 BluffClan Cheebs by SkyRiverProductions BluffClan Cheebs :iconskyriverproductions:SkyRiverProductions 15 11
[~] Ceremonies

Updated : 01/02/18
Snowstar's bright blue eyes glistened as she left her den and scanned the camp's clearing below her. Her ears flickered as a single snowflake landed on her ear and she looked up to watch the start of the snow for the day. The bright blue sky was clear beyond the tree lines and she smiled to herself before padding to the edge of the tall rock. "All cat who are old enough to walk across the icy river please gather for a clan meeting." She yowled loudly as she could, her voice echoing through the clan. She watched as cats gathered beneath her and she smiled once again, proud of her small growing clan.
"I am to announce new apprentices and Warriors." She called.
Snowstar stood at the edge of the tall rock, looking down at the cats that gathered below her. The snow started falling again, more heavier than normal and she frowned for a moment before reminding herself mentally to speak with Roseleaf. "Whitekit, Crowkit, Spotkit
:iconjuniper-clan:Juniper-clan 2 1
Nettle x Soot NPC Kitten try-outs | 5 days left by Daisynner Nettle x Soot NPC Kitten try-outs | 5 days left :icondaisynner:Daisynner 24 66 Nettlepaw-COMM by albinoWolf58 Nettlepaw-COMM :iconalbinowolf58:albinoWolf58 15 5


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States


Relationship Status: "I'm engaged to Kuro699"

What do I do for a living?: "I'm currently a Correctional Officer Trainee, in my 120 hour program. I'm also planning a wedding that'll happen on May 8th, 2019. I also roleplay, write short stories, and sometimes draw as a hobby."

My characters :heart:

Fuzzyleaf (ship: Cloud [with Stormtail])
My Lady by InfamyCry
Art by InfamyCry
Juniperdove (mate: Silverwillow - SilverJuniper)
Moonkit (ship: Too Young)

Sunstone (mate: Mistflower - Morning)
Timber | The curly family by Daisynner
Thumb by Daisynner
Lionsong (ship: Wild Cats [with Tigermoon])
otp chibi by rnousey
Art by rnousey
Mosscreek (ship: Snowy Moss [with Snowdaisy])
Timber | Wait wut by Daisynner
Art by Daisynner
Shrewpaw (ship: {low key} Prey [with Squirrelpaw])
Pumakit (ship: NEVAH!)
Crescentkit (ship: HAH! You're funny!)

Perchkit (ship: Not for this child yet)

Shellmask (ship: Er... I honestly don't have one... XD)
Nettlepaw (ship: You're joking, right?)
Doekit (ship: Too Young For This!)

Jasminepaw (ship: I don't know... maybe?)
Mothkit (ship: W-Wh-What...!?)

Sootkit (ship: EW GROSS!)

Jasminepaw Warrior Name… 

5 deviants said Jasminefrost - Cold and calculating, very logical
4 deviants said Jasmineivy - Tenacious and loyal
2 deviants said Jasmineholly - Pretty and very resilient
1 deviant said Jasminedapple - Tortoiseshell cat of some sort



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